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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

I woke up early in the morning, started a fire in the wood stove and put on coffee. Then back to bed till the cabin warmed up. Out of bed, dressed, and a bacon and egg breakfast before starting the days work.

I went out and saddled the hours, strapped on my .44 pistol and checked the rifle. With rustlers recently stealing cows the Boss required that I ride around. It will be a full day checking fence line and cattle on the 5,000 acre ranch in the Rockies of Colorado. At noon a break for lunch at an open pasture and watching several deer grazing. Repaired several beaks in the fence. My arms and hands felt like they were beat with sticks. I finally got back to the cabin just before dark, unsaddled and fed my horse. I was so tired, it was just a cold supper - a sandwich and a can of fruit and coffee. Tomorrow is class day at the college. May be hard to stay awake for Early Childhood Education but probably won’t sleep while paining.

I hardly slept at all. I’ve been practicing my songs for the contest. Most of the time the words are there but sometimes I feel like I’ve gone dumb and the head is empty. The past month has been so busy, shopping, shopping… and then more shopping. Going crazy - keep finding that other girls close are really cute. Shoes were easy, they seemed to just be waiting for me. The other girls have been very supportive.

I have spent the whole day fussing with my formal dress, jewelry and costumes for the talent portion. Stage makeup is so different from every day.

But I made it through the show and only forgot a couple of words and did not fall off the stage! I closed with “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell can you love someone else!”

It’s amazing the difference only 50 years can make in a persons life.

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