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Needing Someone to Care

I've lived in Hawai'i for six and half years now. I was a Certified Nurse in Pittsburg, Texas and Alaska for a number of years. Now I'm retired. I often think back to somebody that I care for very deeply.

A friend of mine had a terrible cold that would not go away. It took a long while before I could get them to go and see a doctor. But once they did, they were diagnosed with AIDS.

None of their family or friends wanted to have anything to do with them. They grew weaker by the day, lost their appetite, lost weight, and lost themselves.

I got to thinking - if this was a member of my family, or if it was me, I would want someone to care.

So I decided to take the proper precautions and help them. I would help them clean up their place, do other chores that would make any person feel comfortable. I went to their doctor visits with them. And we would sit and play games, talk about what they were feeling, did some exercises, and read a book or two.

After about eight months, I saw a big difference in them. They became more independent.

The biggest gift I ever received was seeing their whole outlook on life change and a smile grow across their face, something I had not seen in eight months.

Over the years we've kept in touch with each other. They found someone who cared just as much about them as I did. And they ended up having a great life.



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