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LGBTQ+ Activities and Events

Since our inception in 2018, Equality HI has been actively involved in developing activities/events on Hawai'i Island that build and foster relationships with our local island LGBTQ+ community. Back in March of 2020, many businesses and organizations in Hawai'i had been derailed due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Equality HI had remained diligent during those challenging times by collaborating with the Hilo Pride Committee in hosting and producing a 7-session web series called “Pride Talks”. These discussions were broadcasted via Zoom and Facebook Live. The talks brought together a diverse group of people that shared their unique perspectives. This innovative concept had led to interest and educational opportunities for Equality HI to fulfill its Mission.

In 2021, we are still in the midst of the Covid19 epidemic, however the Equality HI team is looking at developing activities/events that are safe for the community to gather.

Bi-Monthly Bowling Fundraiser

Beginning March 28, 2021, Equality HI will be hosting a Bi-Monthly Bowling Fundraiser at the Kilauea Military Camp. All participants will be required to adhere to various COVID precautions to assure the safety of themselves and others.

Some of the safety practices that will be required include: the wearing of a mask during the entire event, temperature checks at the entrance, completing an assessment of safety questions, and of course, sanitize their hands.

Tickets can be purchased individually or you may sponsor your own bowling lane (for up to 6 people) and have your own space! This means you and your friends will have the whole lane to yourselves and don’t have to worry about getting close to people you don’t know!

In addition, each group of bowlers will have a full lane of separation between themselves and the next group. Individual ticket purchasers sharing a bowling lane with others will be required to maintain social distancing from all other players and additional COVID safety precautions will be in place. Please note space is limited! For further information, to purchase tickets or a bowling lane, click on the link in our event calendar.

Quarterly Pride Talks

Equality HI will keep “the flame burning” by continuing to host our quarterly Pride Talk session. These discussions will be broadcasted via Zoom and Facebook Live and address issues facing our local LGBTQ+ communities. Our next Pride Talks is scheduled for April 26, 2021, in honor of Lesbian Visibility Day! For more information check out the event calendar.

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